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Susie Davis

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Photo: Jim Merithew


Born and Raised: Born in San Francisco, I was part of an average middle class family until I was 10, when my parents embraced the counter cultural revolution and became middle class hippies. That was the year I named my cat “Tiva” (short for Cannibas Sativa….). Dad worked as a DJ and would get fired every couple of years and so we lived all over the place; Sausalito/CA, Denver/CO, Kansas City/KS, Boise/ID, San Rafael/CA, Eugene/OR, Petaluma/CA, Corte Madera/CA, and Fairfax/CA.

Instruments Played: Accordion, Piano, and Guitar

Favorite TDA Song to Perform Live: Right now it is Tinkle Town polka, because in playing that song, the purpose of my life seems clear, and everything that has happened to me up to now, that brought me here to this place to be singing this song on stage….. well, it all just seems to make sense. The other one is Whole Lotta Love because I get to use every one of the rock poses I learned from the masters over my years touring with famous rock stars. 

Start With TDA: Paul asked me to join when Patty decided to move to Hawaii. My career trajectory had pretty much reached it’s pinnacle in the mid-90’s and since then had been on a long slow descent, so, joining TDA seemed like the perfectly natural thing to do at that point in time. Besides, I had wanted to learn the accordion, and had even purchased one, but there is nothing like an actual gig coming up to make a girl practice!

First Started Playing Music: As a kid, I hated piano lessons and didn’t stick with them long. Later I got a guitar and really enjoyed bashing the hell out of Beatles songs. I ended up teaching myself chords on piano, so I could bash out songs on that instrument as well and here I am!

Other Bands (Past or Present): I streaked a Tower of Power set at the Oakland Coliseum at the age of 15, but I don’t know if that really counts. Fortunately I managed to find more legitimate outlets for my talents. I started playing with bands in 1986. My most famous unsigned San Francisco band was the Confessions back in the 80's. In 1984 I was asked to join Sheila E's band and we went out on tour as the opening band for the Prince's Purple Rain tour. Quite fun. I went on to tour with Van Morrison (‘86) Billy Idol (‘87) Belinda Carlisle and Mick Jagger (‘88) Deborah Harry (‘89) Sinead O'Connor ( ‘91)   Melissa Etheridge (‘92) Jude Cole and  Go West (‘93) Daryl Hall (‘94) Pat Benatar, (‘95, ‘98 and ‘99) Mylene Farmer and Kaviar (‘96).  In 2002 I joined the Rubinoos and Rhythmtown Jive. In 2003 I joined Those Darn Accordions

Now for the bands no one remembers: Vita Rationale, The Screaming Tiger Marching Band, The Sneakers, Broadway, Boo Boo Fine Jelly, the Scarlets, the Love Dogs, Snow White Trash, and Scrap Pile.

Favorite Band: The Band

Favorite Road Food: Dr. Shultz’s Superfood in a jar mixed with tap water. Ummmm…

Other Hobbies and Interests: Composting with worms. Other claims to fame include:

  • Won first prize in a milk drinking contest at the Petaluma State Fair.
  • Won "Most Important Choir Member" award two years in a row in Junior High School.
  • Got thrown out of a Seventh Day Adventist Boarding Academy for allegedly practicing witchcraft.
  • Met Michael Jackson's chimpanzee, "Bubbles."
  • Was bitten by Sheila E.'s dog.
  • Played the Category Game with David Bowie (who tried to cheat!)
  • Kayaked in the Bay of Fundy.
  • Adopted a baby pigeon found in an Atlanta garbage heap and took it on the Purple Rain tour (it loved the free rides on Prince's chartered plane.)
  • Got all four Ramones' autographs on a $1 food stamp.
  • Auditioned for (but was not hired by) Cher.

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