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Michael Messer

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Photo: Jim Merithew


Born and Raised: Born - NYC      Lowered - Encino (Golden Ghetto)

Instruments Played: Actually, I don't play an instrument. I just surround myself with inanimate found objects and hit them really hard (no animals are ever traumatized or harmed in the process).

Favorite TDA Song to Perform Live: "Dumbass on the Mountain" Many humans in their quest to find or manufacture meaning in their lives lurch into the arena of meaningless, egocentric self aggrandizement. In slightly over two minutes, Paul illustrates this approach to life brilliantly.

Start With TDA: When = Approximately four years ago. Why = Limited options How = I kept showing up at rehearsals and gigs.

First Started Playing Music: N/A (see # 2)

Other Bands (Past or Present): In a past life, on a Viking ship I played the large drum which stipulates the tempo to which rowers must adhere.

Favorite Bands: All New Orleans music ever played, recorded or imagined.

Favorite Road Food: Whatever Paul has ordered.

Other Hobbies and Interests: Memorizing medical terminology.

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